The Top 5 Reasons Why Most People Don’t Succeed

From our years of experience and from working with lots of different individuals from all walks of life we have pinpointed the 5 main factors stopping people reaching their goals and have designed the core of our training around conquering them.

5 Reasons Why People Dont Succeed

1) Motivation

Motive is the driving force behind ones actions, and an emotive drive is essential for anyone to endure the ups and downs that inevitably besiege us all. Motivation is something that can be cultivated and fueled.

2) Lack Of Personal Control

Fluctuating moods, personal matters and interfering issues that detract one from their goals. The ability to effect and control ones emotions to have them constantly geared for results is crucial

3) Lack Of A Proper Plan

A program based on scientific and accurate knowledge designed for YOU.

4) Consistency

Related to waning motivation, even if one has the desire (motive) and the right Plan, they still need the consistency to adhere to that plan. Consistency is better than brilliance.

5) Prosperity Mindset

Ultimately, we are what we think about. So mind control is a must!

If you struggle with any of these factors and would like to talk to someone or perhaps you finally want some help in overcoming them, give our friendly trainers a call and we will set you on the right path to success with our training systems and methods.

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About the Author:

Luke Dimasi is an experienced Personal Trainer / Fitness Trainer and has been working and studying in the industry for over 9 years. During the completion of a bachelor’s degree at the University of W.A. he personally trained many clients of various walks of life from the mainstream weight loss populace to sports specific and wheel-chair bound clientele. Luke also spent 4 years in management including a State Personal Training Managing role in one of WA’s largest health chains. He has a Master Practitioners qualification in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Neuro Semantics and works one on one with clients aiming to improve their current conditions on anything from un-resourceful beliefs and emotions to setting positive frames of mind on various aspects of life.