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Liz Testimonial

“Luke and the team were vital in my preparation for the Mr Australasia Bear comp”
Michael Heap, winner Mr Australasia Bear 2015
“I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything that you’ve helped me with. You’re the best trainer I’ve had yet (and I’ve been through a few). You’re a wealth of knowledge and it was awesome knowing that you weren’t just an expert on exercise but diet and general wellbeing as well. I can honestly say that you’ve changed my life and if it wasn’t for your help I probably wouldn’t be anywhere near achieving my goals.”
Gaye Elwell
I have had a lot of good things happening since I joined Conan. Some benefits that are more evident are loss of weight, better focus, endurance in daily activities. I am fitter than ever and some of the exercises recommended by yourself or Steph produced instantaneous results. One thing however that impressed me the most is that I get a much better sleep at night. Doesn’t matter whether I sleep earlier or later I always get a good, unbroken, sleep. Where previously I had to rely on the weekends to get a good sleep, I can do this every night with regular exercises.
Oloan Noor
Although the senior citizen of the team, I really enjoyed and appreciated the programme and I know I developed more speed and strength. It has helped me enormously with hockey this year.
Debbie Whiting
Just before I left Perth in January 2010 I did 10 training sessions with Luke at the gym. This was focused around Luke’s high intensity circuit training programs and I have to say that while it was hard, it has to be some of the best training I have ever done and not only did it push me to a fitness level I never thought possible, the weight loss and body toning I achieved in 5 weeks was amazing and would recommend it to anyone. Regardless of your goals, Luke will make sure you meet and exceed them.
Gordon Hughes
“I’ve been training with Luke & Tracey at Conan for almost 9 months now and I have say I’m hooked! I was a member of a gym for year prior to joining Conan fitness and I got nowhere near the same results as I have achieved now with Conan. Luke & Tracey are fantastic, the energy they share on a week to week basis is what keeps me coming back every 12 weeks. I enjoy the outdoors training so much better than a gym, every week is always different so I never get bored. I also love the fact that Luke & Tracey push us that bit further than we would normally push ourselves, they seem to be able to gage everyone’s level of fitness and the boundaries in which to push us/me. Together with the weekly training sessions and the one to one weekly chats on my diet and personal goals, I’m getting closer and closer to where I want to be in both Fitness and weight loss, my fiancés also noticing the results…which makes me feel good and gives me more motivation to just keep on going. I was recommended to join with Luke & Tracey by my sister who also achieved some amazing results in both fitness and weight loss, since joining myself I have also referred 2 of my friends to join and they too are thoroughly enjoying the training. Thanks Luke & Tracey!!!”
Taricia Winterton
Conan is a really great way to get fit in a fun team atmosphere, with great trainers. There is always a good ratio of trainers to people and the trainers are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and very helpful, providing information and ideas to help with your general training regime and diet. I attended Conan training for over a year and experienced the highest level of fitness (strength and cardio) I have ever had (at age 40). Thanks Conan! Cheers
Sue Broughton
18 months ago I started training with Conan Fitness. I had been going to the gym for 2½ years and over that time had not really seen any major change to my fitness level and was becoming bored with the gym. As an asthmatic, increasing my level of fitness is not easy. I could not run far or do much exercise without becoming breathless. By doing Conan Fitness I could immediately see and feel the difference. My clothes fitted more easily as I lost size, my fitness level increased and I am now able to run and do a lot of exercise without becoming so breathless. Thank you Luke, and Tracey for all your help and support.
Deborah Glendenning
“Conan Fitness has been the centre-piece of my training for almost two years now. I cannot imagine my fitness regime without them. I first started with Conan towards the end of a long weight-loss journey (I lost 43 kg in total). At that point I was about 10kg away from my goal weight and had hit a plateau. Conan Fitness was just starting up, and it seemed like it might be just what I needed to kick-start my weight-loss again. I had no idea then how addictive it would become! I had always trained in a gym, and always struggled to keep motivated. Conan offered variety, and I found group training much more fun than training alone. My fitness has increased enormously since I began. As an example – when I started I couldn’t’t run any sustained distance, but last year I ran the City to Surf (on the Conan Team of course). Conan Fitness is one of the big reasons I enjoy my current weight and fitness levels. Thanks Trace and Luke!”
Gillian Walker
“I have really found Conan Fitness a fantastic motivator to get back into health and exercise. Before Tracey rang i had got slack and unfit and was looking for a way to get back into exercise but did not have the drive or motivation. Tracy and Luke are great at keeping you focused on the results and thanks to them I now have broken the bad habits I had formed and now am motivated and have way more energy. I honestly feel 10 years younger!”
Stephen Lawrence
“After the training sessions we can definitely say that we feel fitter and our bodies feel firmer! It is encouraging being in a group with constant support from trainers and other participants. Trainers are great role models and offer excellent advice.”
Richard and Lynn Van Proctor
Before I started training I felt ‘chubby’ and uncomfortable in my own skin. My goal was to reach my ideal weight of 60kgs and to see my PT more than my GP. But initially I believed that my asthma was my obstacle. As a child my asthma was so bad I could only do swimming, but now I can run the City to Surf non-stop. Finding time to exercise as a shift-worker was always a nightmare, but with the Conan Fitness session times available there was never an excuse. I have since lost 9kgs and all my goals that I set when I started training with Conan Fitness were all achieved within 6-8 months. I’ve had to set new goals and I look forward to raising the bar. Exercising is no longer a chore…it is definitely part of my life and daily routine. I am now told by my friends, family and colleagues how inspiring I am. I know I am on a winning formula. Getting my health into check has been the best gift I have given myself. Achieving my fitness goals has caused massive positive ripples throughout my life from time management, career, relationships and personal happiness. I know there is no goal unachievable – I feel productive and Unstoppable!
Justine McInerney
Anyone can make a plan or a goal and some people can even stick with it for a little while, but what I learnt at the weekend Conan boot camp I will hold for the rest of my life. I always knew the most important part of any plan was actually doing it and carrying it out, however, that is the part I struggled at the most. Luke was able to show me ways and techniques on turning health and fitness into a way of life and not just a plan on a piece of paper. I came away from that weekend feeling so determined and ready, and after a few weeks of living a healthy and fit lifestyle I realised that I enjoyed it. I was 110kg at the start of the weekend and only 4 weeks later I was 102kg. I owe the 8kg I lost to everything I learnt over the weekend, because it wasn’t just all the tough training, for me, it was the lessons in the classroom where I really became inspired, and I saw what 1kg of fat actually looks like, scary. Months on, I still use the strategies I learnt and I feel like an energetic, healthy person.
Mark Mule
I began my weight loss journey after much despair of letting my weight get up to 110kg. I had discovered I had insulin resistance and had tried every imaginable diet just to gain it all back plus more. After some initial success on my own I reached a plateau it was then I met Luke. I soon discovered losing weight wasn’t all I needed to succeed in my life but the state of mind I was in needed to be my central focus, and it was then that everything else fell into place. The on-going support and knowledge in nutrition, exercise and well-being has been invaluable in every aspect of my life. To date, I have lost 50kg and gone from a size 20 to a size 8 and am nearing the end of a very successful weight loss journey and life enhancement. The way I look, feel and the amount of compliments I get on a daily basis is remarkable. I have gotten so much more than I ever expected from my PT. My whole body shape has transformed, I am more confident and happy, and I now set goals in all aspects of my life I never thought imaginable. What have I gained? WAY MORE THAN I LOST!!! I can’t tell you how happy I am to have found the proper motivation to achieve wellness. It spills over to every aspect of your life, enhancing confidence, improving energy, a feeling of self-worth and essentially facilitating enjoyment of every moment of your life. Each day I wake up, excited to see what life has in store for me. I no longer dread shopping for clothes. My life has been given back to me. I feel UNSTOPPABLE! Nothing seems out of reach anymore. Remember, it’s never too late to transform your life! Have belief in yourself and the right mindset, and anything is possible! (UPDATE: Since we last heard from Michelle, her weight loss has to date totaled a massive 62kg! Well done Michelle, keep up the great physique and mindset!)
Michelle Huntingford