If you know anything about history it’s difficult to ignore the huge impact that Benjamin Franklin had on many of the modern day items we use today. You are probably reading this on a computer that runs on electrical power, one of the many things for which Franklin created a foundation of knowledge. You might even be reading from a computer at a public library, another one of Franklin’s ideas.

How did he accomplish so much during his life time? And how does that relate to modern times?

Even though he lived during the 1700’s, Franklin’s method for being successful at whatever he did still remains useful today. Anyone can use this method and find success for themselves.

The answer lies in the habits you form…

Do you have any goals you want to achieve, such as getting into better shape and finally starting a more active, healthy lifestyle? Read on to find out how your habits can make this year YOUR year of success!



Habits are the essence of who we are as a person. Forming negative habits can ruin your potential, while forming positive habits will drive you towards greater success in your life. The things you consistently do every day are what shape how your life will be as you go on.

Finding success in your fitness depends heavily on the habits you form. If you put your will towards creating excellent fitness habits, you will certainly see the changes and the benefits. On the other hand, failing to form those habits or creating unhealthy habits will result in consequences that you will surely notice.

The best part about habits is that you have complete control over whether you form them or not. It is up to you to create good habits and to cancel out negative habits!

Don’t think of forming a new fitness habit as an overwhelming task. There’s a simple way to get back on track this year and start getting into the lifestyle you have always wanted. All you have to do is concentrate on one habit at a time and give it your full attention.

Does this sound too easy or too hard to do? Anyone can manage their habits with a little practice and the mental willpower to stick to it!

Below is our step by step method to forming your new fitness habit.



Getting into shape and taking care of your body might sound intimidating, but if you start off well and keep following a simple plan you could be living a fit life before you realize it. Here’s how:

  1. List What You Could Be Doing

You know as well as anyone else what things you should be doing to be healthier and fitter. List out the specific things you think would help you with your fitness lifestyle. This could be anything such as going to the gym daily, doing 10 minutes of exercise in the mornings, or even eating less sugar in your diet.

Think about the individual actions you need to take to make your fitness habit successful. What can you do that will make a great impact on your healthy lifestyle? Be specific and thorough in this list!

  1. Pick One Goal for the Month

To be truly successful you have to be willing to start small. Most people fail at New Year’s resolutions for fitness simply because they try to make enormous changes all at once! Few people will ever find success doing this. Instead, pick one of the actions you listed out and make it your goal for the month. This will be the one thing you focus on doing for an entire month before you move on to anything else. By creating one habit at a time, you will be slowly but surely changing yourself for the better and adding positive behaviors to your life.

  1. Set Yourself Up for Success

If the action you picked for the month requires something you don’t have, you might consider picking another action instead. Or, get whatever you need to do that action without any issues. For example, if your action is to go for a 15 minute jog daily and you do not have a pair of running shoes… Get them! On the other hand, don’t spend all your money on a home workout gym machine just for the sake of one action in the beginning of your fitness journey. Prioritize those actions which can be taken immediately with little to no extra resources needed.

  1. Do it NOW

Whatever you do, don’t wait until another day to start forming your new habit! You have an entire month that this action must be done before you can start adding another habit to your life, so you shouldn’t delay it any more. Don’t spend another day being unsuccessful in your fitness lifestyle; start your new habit training TODAY!



Did you know that to form a habit you need to do the new action daily for 21 days straight? Every day you waste not starting your new habit is one more day that you will not be experiencing the benefits! Get started on your 21 days right now so that by next month you won’t even think twice about doing what you need to in order to get fit!

Here are some helpful tips to keep you going strong when forming new fitness habits:

  • Don’t Allow Any Exceptions

It’s tempting to give yourself a break or go easy on yourself. After all, it’s just one time, right? WRONG! If you take one day off, you might be risking your entire new habit!

This might mean getting out of bed at night because you forgot to do your new fitness success action. Don’t let it slide even once within 21 days if you really want it to become a permanent habit and not fall by the wayside.

  • Do it Right Away

You might find more success with kick-starting a fitness routine if you do whatever you need to immediately in the morning. Starting your day off with a new habit action helps you to get it out of the way and keeps you from getting busy and forgetting to work towards your goal every day.

  • Keep it Up

After you’ve completed 21 days of your monthly habit goal, don’t stop! You’ve now created a habit, but you do have to put the effort in to continue it from this point on as well. It will be easier for you to do, as you have trained yourself to make a habit out of it every day, but if you stop or give up than you will be canceling out all your hard work and creating a negative habit instead!



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Start NOW and get your 2016 New Year’s resolution to get fit back on track!