Looking for a fitness program? You have come to the right place. Conan is a specialist in elite training and peak performance, we offer various programs to help you improve your fitness.

Physical fitness programs can vary from one fitness training provider to another but our goal is to make you both physically and mentally fit.  We have a belief that everybody has within them massive amounts of potential that goes untapped. Most people only exercise the weaker part of themselves. They doubt themselves and sell themselves short. With the right mindset, the right approach and the right consistency our physical fitness programs can achieve extraordinary results.

Fitness Plan
If you’ve been working out but still not seeing those lean muscles, you might need to reconsider your fitness regimen. Exercising without a fitness program is like travelling to a foreign country without an itinerary; you’ll end up somewhere, but you may not get to your actual destination.

A proper fitness plan is your personal roadmap to your fitness goals. Regardless of your current weight, BMI and fitness level, a well-designed program helps improve your health and fitness without wasting any time.

Lifelong Fitness Habit and Motivation

Following a professional workout plan is a great way to avoid the pitfalls of “I’ll do it tomorrow” attitude. It will keep you focused, consistent and motivated to achieve your weight goals. With the help of your personal trainer, you can measure your daily progress and even modify your workout according to your fitness improvement.

Target all areas
Some people do much weight training with little or no cardio at all. It is essential to get a balance of both, as cardio is great for the heart and weight training for improving strength. If you are only doing either one of the two, you should get started with a workout program. A fitness plan consists of different exercises. It will help you target all muscle groups and get the best cardio workout.

Focus on other elements
Aside from exercising, a comprehensive fitness plan will also help keep track of other fitness elements, such as your nutrition and eating habits. Monitoring them will help you be conscious of your day-to-day food choices.

For a tailored fit exercise program for your needs, you can trust Conan Fitness. We are experts in creating fitness plan based on your fitness level, weight, age and lifestyle.

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Strength Training Programs

Conan offer a number of different strength training programs and classes. As specialists in elite training and peak performance we are always looking for the cutting edge in strength training techniques and our philosophy is based around varied functional strength based fitness. Having this holistic point of view ensures we achieve greater strength gains across all of our programs. All individual strength programs are tailored to you and your specific outcomes which can be complemented with our strength group training classes like bodyworks and steelworks.

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Strength Training Program at Conan Fitness

Advantages Of Strength Training Programs

Doing cardiovascular exercises on equipment like bikes and treadmills are known to improve heart health and effective calorie burning. However, it doesn’t mean you should only lean to cardio workout routines all the time. Adding strength training is a great exercise to burn more calories and strengthen your muscles. Here are some advantages of strength training programs.

Boost energy levels
Doing strength training exercises are beneficial to your mood. Endorphins are usually elevated, making you feel happy and great. As a matter of fact, studies show that strength training is best for those who are depressed and insomniacs.

Prevent diseases
According to Tuffs University’s study, strength training can provide severe knee osteoarthritis relief. After the sixteen-week program, researchers increased muscle strength and decreased disability. The overall physical performance of the patients also improved. Other research also sighted increased bone density.

Lose weight
Strength training is effective in weight control or maintenance. Those who engage in strength training sessions have higher metabolic rate. As a matter of fact, 15% metabolic rate increase is provided by strength exercises. Even after working out, your body is still burning calories. This is enormously beneficial for those who want to lose weight. Remember more calories are needed to burn when making and maintaining muscles.

Increase Strength & Performance 
Strength training is also great for individuals who wants a ripped and well-coordinated body. Strength routines are done by resisting force. Two versions are available – isometric resistance and isotonic strength training. If you are doing push-ups or any routine that uses non-moving object, they are called isometric. Isotonic, on the other hand, involves motion or movement. One perfect example of isotonic training is weight lifting.

Adding strength training to your routine is worthwhile. Its advantages such as increases calorie burning, improved mood, increase performance and disease prevention are compelling. To get started with your strength training, you can rely on Conan Fitness. We offer professional and various strength training programs. Talk to one of our staff to know which fitness training suits you.

Weight Training Programs

Why You Need A Weight Training Program

Weight training can look challenging and even seem somewhat intimidating especially for a beginner, but if you want to improve any aspect of your health & fitness, whether it be losing weight, fat loss, muscle development or athletic performance, a tailored weight-training program is a necessity as it has so many benefits and can amplify your overall results so that you can achieve them faster.

If you would like help in establishing the best training program for you, conatct Conan Fitness. We can provide a customised program based on your fitness & strength levels. Call today 1800 791 484 to start your workout session or Send an Online Enquiry!

Conan Fitness Weight TrainingCommon Training Mistakes

Whilst weight training is great for achieving your overall fitness, you may not reach your full potential if you do it the wrong way. If you want to get most of your training, here are some mistakes that you should always avoid.

  • Too Much Weight – As a beginner, you don’t have to rush into heavy weight lifting. Too much weight can affect your lifting form. If you are swinging the weights or using momentum, you are most likely lifting the wrong weight. Lifting more than you are capable of can also result to injuries. Having proper form is the most important
  • Incorrect Technique – Doing and exercise with the wrong technique is a recipe for disaster as you are dramatically increasing your risk of injury. Doing an exercise in the wrong way can also develop muscle imbalances which can cause major problems down the track. As mentioned above proper form over everything else. If you are unsure, ask a professional to show you the correct way.
  • Doing Reps To Fast – Lifting weight in a slow, controlled and proper manner is far more effective when weight training as the muscle is under load for a longer duration hence activating more muscle fibres. The only exception to this rule is if you are training for power or speed specific purposes in which case training with a personal trainer is paramount. Always remember slow and controlled on the way up and on the way back.
  • Improper Rest Periods – When weight lifting, it is also important to strategically target your rest between sets and to have proper rest between workouts. When working out we often see people having too long of a rest period between their sets which diminishes the intensity of the workout and we see the opposite where they have not had enough rest and in this case technique and volume go out the window because they are too fatigued. Depending upon what you are training for the average recommended rest is 30 to 90 seconds after each set. When it comes to rest in between workouts the common mistake is not letting the muscle groups to repair before hitting them again with a workout. When you train you are essentially breaking down the muscle with little micro tears. When we provide adequate rest these muscles are able to regenerate and get stronger. So you can imagine continually hitting the same muscle groups day after day not allowing them to recover can lead to a breakdown or overuse type injury.

Sports Fitness Programs

If you want to raise the bar in your athletic performance and tap into your hidden potential to take your game to the next level, call Conan Fitness. Engaging in one of our sports fitness programs will see you work with one of our sports specific trainers to build muscle, strength, endurance and power. You will have a customised plan to take your training and athletic performance to the next level.

Tips & Best Practices For Sports Specific Training Programs

sports fitness programs at conan fitnessDo Interval Based Training
A combination of low intensity and high intensity workouts are great for your cardiovascular systems. It allows you to train both anaerobically and aerobically to give you an all round workout.

Train Sports Specific
It’s important to analyse the movements within your sport and train specific. This will help to increase strength, power and endurance with your chosen sport.

Build Your Base With Strength Training
Strength training will form a vital part of any sports fitness program but it’s important that a solid base of weight training is achieved before attempting power type exercises. Just like any program a natural progression is needed to ensure no injuries or muscle imbalances are created.

Be Diligent With Your Rest & Recovery
Rest days and active recovery sessions are crucial to any professional sports person and can have a major impact on your performance come game day. Pushing your body way too much can yield to injuries or overuse type ailments so treat recovery sessions and rest days with importance as they are a key component to your training schedule.

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Starting A New Fitness Program? Read These Important Tips

Fitness Guidance
Before starting any fitness regime its always best to get the all clear from your doctor or health professional. When you are given the all clear its a really good idea to speak with a trusted fitness professional who can assess your current fitness levels and customise a fitness plan that is going to suit you. Whether you choose to train with them or not is up to you but the information and advice you receive will be valuable to you moving forward on your health and fitness journey.

Start Slow 
When was the last time you worked out? If it’s been a while, you need to start slow and slowly build up. If your training for a fun run or marathon, don’t start by running 20km-40km in the first week. Doing too much to soon is only going to lead to injuries if you are not accustomed to the workload. Start small and let your body adjust, then periodise your training in the lead up to ensure your body is ready and able.

Motivation and Commitment
If you’ve tried exercising on your own, you’ll know that it can be extremely boring at times and sometimes there may be periods where your motivation will wane a bit. Our advice is to get a training buddy, train with a group, find a fitness class or hire a personal trainer. This way you can stay focused and motivated all the way to your goals.


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