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Many workplaces are integrating corporate health management programs within their business systems. But why should you do so too? Taking care of your workers is a great business investment. When employees are healthy and happy, they are more likely to give better work output. There is also reduced absenteeism among your employees.

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The Warrior Wellness Program

The Workplace Warriors Program is a tailored and comprehensive program of cultural change for a business. The program covers 3 key aspects of individual and workplace wellness:

  • Health: Physical activity & mobility, injury management & rehabilitation nutrition, smoking and alcohol use
  • Lifestyle: Stress, resilience, sleep, leisure, rest, recovery, emotional habits & control
  • Personal Management: Mindset, balance, effectiveness

Customisation: Depending on the nature of work being undertaken by employees, as well as measured needs, specific elements of the program may be prioritised, and delivery methods can be adjusted for maximum effect.

Thorough planning, flawless execution: Every aspect of the program is timed and delivered using proven principles in organisational change management. The program moves through a process of breaking down scepticism, raising voluntary interest and commitment, then the layering of education and practice until the teachings become assimilated into the daily routines of the employees. An overview of this process is as follows:

  • Management Consultation & Education: Key to the voluntary uptake of the wellness program is the role management play as the first, and most enthusiastic, champions.
  • Raise Awareness: This stage gently introduces employees to wellness concepts as well as hinting at the cultural change to come.
  • Needs Analysis: A series of surveys and empirical tests, including Fitness Age™, which will provide an accurate picture of the general state of wellness of the workforce. This will also influence the customising of the educational aspects of the program and help set the metrics by which the program will be evaluated. Employees will also be able to benefit from confidential personalised test results and feedback.
  • Implementation: A combination of seminars and webinars are used to deliver the main concepts regarding wellness and the techniques one needs to practice a lifestyle of wellness consistently. Following this, focus groups, workshops, online quizzes and activities, and workplace activities (such as fitness & stretching classes, cooking demonstrations, and pedometer competitions) reinforce these lessons and put the techniques to practice. Depending on the outcome of the needs analysis, this stage may also include physical changes being made to the work environment, such as healthy food choices, stand up work station, and staff gym facilities.
  • Evaluation: The effectiveness of the program, based on pre-agreed metrics, is measured at the end of the program using a combination of i) re-running of the surveys and tests performed at the needs analysis stage, and ii) financial metrics.

A medium term proposition: Like training an athlete into a champion, the shaping of an employee into a Workplace Warrior takes commitment, persistence, and practice. It is recommended that the program be allowed to roll out over a period of at least 6 months. This amount of time is necessary to give people the chance to absorb and put into practice all aspects of a lifestyle of wellness. It is also the minimum amount of time we recommend to deliver all program elements without undue disruption to the normal course of business.

Corporate health management is concerned with providing employees with a viable and effective health management program to help workers develop and lead healthy and balanced lifestyles to alleviate stress and to reduce health risk factors.

corporate health management programs at conan fitnessHow It Can Help Your Business?
Investing in a corporate health management can be fruitful to your business’ success. With a comprehensive health management, employees can stay fit and healthy, giving your company the extra edge in performance.

Aside from making your employees healthy and fit, health programs in the workplace can also contribute in reducing sick leaves. According to one study, employers can see sick leave reduction of up to 40%.

How To Make It Effective?
When engaging in a corporate health and fitness program its important that the training offers a comprehensive and holistic approach to all aspects of health and wellness and educates your staff in leading a healthy lifestyle both at work and at home.

Motivate And Encourage Your Employees – Corporate training for health and wellness is useless if your employees will not participate. As a leader, you should encourage them to change their lifestyles. You can give out incentives and prizes to those who will participate and of course lead by example.

Get A Qualified Corporate Fitness Provider – If you are really looking to make a change, engage the services of experts in the field of corporate wellness. Their comprehensive and tailored approach to health and fitness will ensure your staff are looked after properly. Don’t just trust anybody. You should only ask the help of qualified corporate fitness experts.

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When employees are physically fit, their immune systems are stronger. They can fight off diseases and conditions. They are also stronger and less susceptible to physical injuries. Many businesses use corporate fitness programs to their advantage. Some companies even incorporate fitness training into their work hours. If you are considering implementing a fitness / wellness program within your organisation, here are four reasons why you should sign-up now.

Better Performance

Employees are able to perform better at work if their bodies are rejuvenated. Wellness programs provide them the opportunity to develop a life-long health habit involving exercise and diet and nutrition. For over-fatigued employees, lack of focus and enthusiasm affects their productivity.

Remember unhealthy workers are more susceptible to injuries and illness. They can also develop life-threatening complications that can inhibit them from doing their duties in the future.

corporate fitness programPrevent Absenteeism
In addition to improving workplace productivity and preventing illnesses, corporate fitness training also reduce employee absenteeism. Employees that are not physically fit and are overworked are most likely to file for a sick leave than healthy workers.

Decrease Healthcare Costs
When employees are healthy, businesses can earn and save more. This is because there is a reduction in healthcare costs. There is also a decrease in workers’ compensation like sick or stress leave.

Establish Workplace Bond
Aside from physical fitness, wellness programs also build camaraderie among your co-workers. It is a great opportunity to take their minds off work and a chance to experience different fitness activities that promotes wellness and social support or encouragement.

When it comes to health diseases and conditions, everyone is at risk. Whether it’s munching down junk foods, lack of sleep, drinking or physical inactivity, using a wellness program can provide positive change for your employees.

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Corporate personal training is a great way to motivate employees to be fitter and healthier. When workers are healthy, there is a positive correlation with less absenteeism and fewer medical health insurance claims. You can also uplift productivity, performance and even improve work morale within the workplace.

Initially you may find it quite challenging to motivate your workers to join the corporate fitness program. To maximize engagement, here are some tips to encourage participation.

corporate-personal-trainingTie fitness and health mission with corporate strategy
In order to have a successful training for your employees, make sure that the program is in line with your business’ strategy and mission. From the workplace environment to the message that you convey, every aspect of the company should breathe wellness. According to a study, more than 80% of employees will participate if there is an unparalleled wellness experience.

Fitness programs should not only focus on your employees’ physical well-being. It should also lean towards better emotional and mental well-being. In fact, it should be customized according to the needs of your employees.

Providing incentives for staff members is a great way to encourage participation. Every time workers participate in fitness and wellness program, they will earn points. Accumulated points can be traded for prizes like additional travel leaves and flexible work time. If your company has a budget, they can also get cash incentives.

Practice what you preach
Fitness programs are not only for your employees; it is also for you! When you practice what you preach, it is easier to motivate staff to make a healthy lifestyle change with you.

Under the right conditions, you can make corporate wellness program work for your team. If you want to get started with the training, you can rely on Conan Fitness. We have a wide variety of corporate fitness sessions to suit your budget and interest. Call us on 1800 791 484 to schedule your very first corporate health assessment today.

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