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Group Fitness

Our Group Training (GT) classes are the ideal way to increase your strength, speed, endurance and overall fitness. Working out in a team environment is not only motivating, it’s stimulating and fun! At Conan we believe that variety and intensity is the key to taking your overall performance to the next level. That’s why we aim to provide a wide range of classes to suit different lifestyles and varying levels of fitness. At Conan we offer a more personalised approach to our group fitness sessions with one-on-one advice, goal setting, access to peak performance coaching and tailored session planning from our expert trainers. We recommend three to four group training workouts a week to complement your strength training and get you on the road to reaching your true performance potential.

Check Out Our Group Fitness Classes Below

Bodyworks Group Fitness Class

Bodyworks is a unique complete body workout which combines kettlebells and suspension workouts to build power, strength, flexibility, balance and super-charge your VO2 max.

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Bootcamp Fitness Classes

Our indoor / outdoor bootcamp sessions are the ideal regime to take your workouts up a notch. These group sessions are based on cross training, bodyweight drills, vertical challenges, team drills with structured progressions. These sessions are suitable for all levels.

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Cardio HIIT Fitness Classes

Cardio HIIT alternates periods of short intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods. This class provides improved athletic capacity and condition, improved glucose metabolism, and improved fat burning.

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Steelworks Fitness Class

Steelworks is a barbell based strength training class that utilises compound powerlifts to increase strength, power and coordination, providing an all over body conditioning workout. Suitable for both men and women, this class will transform your body and your workout capabilities.

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Circuit Training at Conan Fitness

Circuit Training will fire up your metabolism and give you plenty of variety to keep your body guessing. This class is suitable for all fitness levels and combines both weight & cardiovascular training for an awesome all round workout.

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Build and Rip Fitness Class

Build and Rip class is for those keen to build lean muscle and forge a ripped physique. This class is a physique and hypertrophy based session that fuses bodybuilding with physique-chiselling sequences.

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Each class goes for a duration of 45 minutes


21 Days of Fitness For $21 Introductory Offer

If you are New to Conan and would like to come down and experience our classes, then why not take advantage of out introductory 21 days of fitness for $21 offer. The 21 days of fitness membership allows you to attend an unlimited number of group training classes during that time to allow you to experience everything we have to offer. They say it takes 21 days to build a habit so we want to help you start off on the best foot and build healthy habits into your lifestyle. After your 21 days, you can easily convert over to one of our ongoing group fitness memberships below. Simply give us a call 1800 791 484 or send us an online enquiry that your interested and we will get you booked in. Otherwise Purchase Here OnlineWe look forward to seeing you soon.

Ongoing Prices and Memberships 

  • Casual Pay As You Go – $20
  • GT Pack (20 Sessions) – $300
  • GT Membership (Unlimited GT Sessions) – $99 / Mth
  • Platinum Membership (Unlimited Group Training & Gym Use) – $132 / Mth

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Benefits of Our Group Training

Many people today are joining our group training programs because it brings more to the table with its exciting routines, variety and friendly atmosphere. Here are more reasons to get in shape with our group fitness classes.

Accountability and Group Motivation
If you need encouragement, group motivation can keep you focused and even push yourself to the limit. A strong support group can also prevent you from skipping a class or two, hence keeping you accountable.

Learn Something New & Add Variety To Your Workouts
Tired of the same routine over and over again? Then, group training is for you! Mix up your sessions as we have something different every day. This will give you the variety you need to keep you engaged.

Camaraderie That Is Fun and Exciting
Working out alone can be boring if you are a social type of person. Fun group exercise workouts can spice up your workout routines. You will make friends and share fitness experiences together. Remember fitness is meant to be enjoyable so make the most of it with and share in the camaraderie together.

Better Fitness Results
With accountability and regular attendance, you are able to get more from your training, especially when combined with some personal training or strength training. We recommend three to four GT sessions a week to get you on the road to reaching your fitness goals.

More Affordable & Great Value For Money

Our group training packages make it extremely affordable for you to train with us. Casual classes are $20 or sign up for our GT Membership which grants you unlimited sessions which works out to be less than $8 per session if you attended all classes.  We also have a 20 session pack which works out at $15 per class. There are no lock-in contracts or hidden fees just simple and easy.

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