Diet and nutrition are important elements to achieve a physically and mentally fit body. But it doesn’t mean you should starve yourself. Eating a nutritious yet balanced meal is more beneficial than restricting your food consumption. If you are losing weight or just want to live a healthier life, reconsidering eating habits will drastically improve your physical and mental physique.

diet and nutritionIncrease energy levels
Eating sugary snacks may give you an instant jolt however it can also immediately deplete your energy. Sugary foods disrupt your normal blood sugar levels, causing you to feel sleepy and tired after eating. Eating the right food will help your body to function normally because there is a steady supply of energy. This will give you increased energy and thus, improved productivity to accomplish your day-to-day tasks.

Control your weight
When you are making healthy food choices, you are able to maintain your ideal weight. Making food changes like replacing soda with water can drastically improve your weight. Nutritious foods such as vegetables, fruits and whole grains are also easily burned by the body because they are low in nutrient fillers.

Age better and live longer
If you want to look younger for years to come, you should consume fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants. They help slow down premature aging and effectively improve your skin’s health. Combined with exercise, healthy eating can deter life-threatening diseases like diabetes and hypertension.

Whether you would like to maintain your weight or shed a few kilo’s, the benefits of proper diet and nutrition are undisputable. If you are ready to make a healthy change on your eating habit but don’t know where to start, contact Conan Fitness. We are a team of professionals specialising in fitness and health related coaching and consulting.

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Diet Plans

If your looking for a diet plan that will help with a certain health and fitness goal, then speak to one of our trainers today. We will sit down with you and work through a tailored and sustainable approach that will help you achieve what it is you are searching for.

Your Diet Plan Is More Effective Than Training
This is a bold statement but its true. We always tell people that your diet and eating habits will dictate the results you get within the gym. You have all heard the saying “You Are What You Eat”, well you are most likely the way you are today because of the food & drinks you have put in your mouth to this date. A proper nutritional plan is the key to achieving lifelong success when it comes to your fitness. Here are some ways to make your diet plan more effective starting today.

Diet Plans at Conan FitnessStart slowly
You don’t have to change your eating habit overnight. Drastic changes usually ends up in cheating. You can even give up your diet plan. As much as possible, take small changes in your eating habit. Simple changes like adding a slice of fruit or switching canola oil to olive oil are great small yet effective steps. When you are used to the changes, add more healthy options to your eating lifestyle. In terms of diet, you need to reevaluate your food intake. If you are eating too much fast food and other junk food, switching them for a healthier option like vegetables and fruits is a great way to start your diet plan.

Keep Hydrated 
One of the best things you can do right now is switch to water only and increase your intake to at least 2L per day. Water keeps you full and hydrated whilst at the same time flushing out toxins from the body. Because our body’s are primarily made up of over 60% of water it helps to keep our body fluids balanced which in turn helps our bodily processes work normally and more efficiently. Skipping carbonated and sugary drinks and juices and replacing them with water and herbal teas are great for your diet plan.

Calories In vs Calories Out
When you implement a diet plan if you pretty much follow the formula of Calories In vs Calories Out, you can’t really go wrong. If your consuming less calories (healthy nutritional foods) and burning more calories through exercise and other incidental activities then you are going to lose weight or body fat. On the other hand if you want to put on weight simply consume more calories than you burn. Its that simple.

Look for Substitutes
When on a healthy eating plan, you don’t have to necessary quit your favourite foods. We like to in-still in our clients that its ok to indulge in your favourite foods but only in moderation. All you need to do is a find a healthier way to keep enjoying your favourite foods. When you are deprived, all your efforts will crumble eventually so the trick is to eat in a way that is healthy and sustainable. You will most likely cheat and abandon your diet otherwise.

Conan Fitness can help you get started today. We can create the best diet plans for your health and fitness goals. Call us today on 1800 791 484 to book in for a free health assessment or send an online enquiry.

The Importance Of A Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is associated with better physique and health. If you are making a lifestyle change, you need to be more conscious and mindful with your food you eat as it is vital to leading a healthy lifestyle. When combined with exercise and weight training it has the ability to transform you body as well as reduce the risks of associated chronic diseases. In our opinion it just makes you feel happier and healthier and this affects every aspect of your life.

What Would A Healthy Diet Look Like?

We recommend a diet that consists of the following:

  • Assorted fruitFresh Fruit & Veg – 8-10 serves
  • Whole Grains (the less processed the better) – 7-8 serves
  • Low Fat Dairy – 2-3 serves
  • Lean Meat / Poultry /Fish – 0-2 serves
  • Beans / Nuts / Seeds – 1 serve
  • Good Fats (Avacado, Fish oil etc) – 2-3 serves
  • Water – Minimum 1.5 L per day

What Foods Should You Avoid?

White or Whole Wheat Breads
Eating white bread can spike your blood sugar levels. So you should pick brown bread or multigrain bread, right? It is recommended to check the labels. Many companies today trick consumers by including healthy-grain on the bread’s packaging. To make sure that you are eating an authentic and nutritious bread, the first ingredient on the label should be whole grain flour. Whole grain flour is not refined and maintains its full nutritional value. Whole grain bread is a good source of B vitamins and fiber and is lower in fat than whole wheat bread. If it reads whole wheat – keep clear, as whole wheat flour goes through a refining process that removes some of the nutritional values. The ingredients on the labels are normally arranged in terms of concentration – from highest to lowest.

Sauces & Condiments 
The dressing and other add-ons like croutons and dried nuts can spike the calories in healthy salads and rolls so its best to use them sparingly. As much as possible, stick to fresh greens and use a healthy combination of oil and vinegar for taste or try herbs and spices to give your meals a bit of a lift.

Carbonated & Other Sugary Drinks
Carbonated & Sugary drinks include all non-alcoholic water-based beverages with added sugar such as non-diet soft drinks, energy drinks, fruit drinks, sports drinks and cordial. There is literally too much sugar found in these types of drinks which are really bad for your health in that they are high in calories and lead to weight gain, can lead to tooth decay and can ultimately lead to things like diabetes, cancer and other cardiovascular diseases.

Processed Foods
Processed foods may be easy to cook and prepare but you should also avoid them. Many are filled with high levels of sugar, saturated fats or sodium (salt) and provides no nutritional value to out bodies whats so ever. If you are serious about leading a healthy lifestyle, you should minimise the amount of processed foods you eat and replace where possible with unprocessed healthier alternatives. That way your body can get all the nutritional requirements it needs.

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Safe Yet Effective Dieting Tips

Want to lose weight? You probably want it fast. Before you sign-up for a fad-diet or one of those quick weight loss diets, you want to ask yourself – is it safe? There are many diet programs that drastically cut back your calorie intake. Although they are fast, most of the time their results are not for long-term. If you want to have a fitter and healthier body, you need to look for safe and effective dieting.

Here are some diets tips that you should consider:

safe and effective dieting - conan fitnessCross-Check Your Calorie Intake
Losing weight is a simple concept. In order to shed a pound or two, you should be able to effectively burn more calories. According to British Nutrition Foundation, you should be able to lose at least one to two pounds per week. But if you want to lose more than the recommended weight loss, you should be able exercise more and eat more sensibly.

Avoid Junk Food and Drink Water
Dieting for weight loss is achievable. You need to have a healthy and realistic eating habit to cut down your calorie intake. For instance, if you love drinking soda, you will want to switch to drinking water. If you want to feel full all day, consume vegetables and fruits. Another sensible eating habit is to keep a food journal. Write down everything you eat and their calorie equivalent. This will help you to keep on track of your eating habit.

Physical Activity
Weight loss is synonymous to physical activity. As much as possible, include cardio strength training to maximize your calorie burning. If you’re are not used to exercising, pace yourself. You don’t want to overwork your body too soon.

Get Help From a Professional
If a diet plan promises faster weight loss, it is probably a hoax. Get a professional fitness advice from Conan Fitness. We can jump start your weight loss training by introducing the best program for your goals. We have a diet and nutrition guide and weight management programs that will help you succeed.

The promise of fad diets may be tempting but losing weight should be done correctly and safely. For more assistance on dieting, get in touch with Conan Fitness. Our weight loss plan and modern diet programs are safe and efficient. Call today 1800 791 484 or Send An Online Enquiry!

Beginner’s Guide to Nutritional Supplements

Fitness professionals usually recommend taking supplements. If you are a beginner, understanding nutritional supplements can be tricky. Some individuals say supplements will make you bigger while others believe they are unnecessary. Before you get into supplements, here is a beginner guide in understanding the importance of supplements.

These days with the way we eat multi-vitamins should form part of your healthy diet. They help because they help support our general health and wellbeing. Combined with a healthy diet they provide us with the essential vitamins and minerals that our bodies need to run optimally and efficiently. They can help us during times of stress, can help increase energy levels, with immunity and many more benefits.

Protein is one of the most popular nutritional supplements today. It is readily available in the market. It comes in a powder form with different flavors like chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. It is usually mixed with water or milk.

protein powderThe purpose of taking a protein supplement is to get your recommended daily dose of protein. This can help whether you are trying to lose body fat or gain lean muscle. It can also be beneficial after a workout  because they are easily digested and can help in the recovery a
nd repair of muscles.

Fish Oil
Fish oil include high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids. Fish oil can aid in heart health, joint health, cognitive function and more. If you are not eating plenty of fish, taking fish oil is recommended.

If you want to take your performance and recovery to the next level, take the branched chain amino acids or most commonly known as BCAA. This supplement can also effectively reduce muscle breakdown and thus aid in muscle growth and recovery.

Another popular supplement is Creatine. Studies show that this supplement can boost athlete’s performance especially if the workout involves weight-lifting and other high-intensity activities. Since it increases energy and strength, you are able to lift heavier or perform at a higher intensity for a longer period of time.

Whether you are bulking up or toning, the right supplement can be essential in improving your health and fitness. If you are only starting out, it is recommended to stick to your diet and routine to see results. Keep in mind that nutritional supplements will never replace consistent exercise and intake of balanced diet and nutrition.

If your unsure whether you should be taking some type of supplement with your training regime, Speak to one of our professional trainers and we can make some suggestions for you. Call 1800 791 484 or Send An Online Enquiry