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Hiring a personal trainer at Conan Fitness is an easy choice because we specialise in real-world results. Over the years we have formulated specific systems and structures of protocol that get the most effective results based on the flexibility of your lifestyle. As we know there are huge ranges in lifestyle and it’s not a “one size fits all”. That is why our personal training programs are so effective and why we guarantee results.

Our Personal Training Options

One on One Personal Training Sessions

Dual Personal Training Sessions

Group Personal Training Sessions

14 Week Transformation Challenge

Each PT package is tailored to your individual needs. One of our friendly fitness professionals will sit down with you and take you through a full comprehensive lifestyle assessment. From here we will best be able to tailor a plan that will get you results. It’s our holistic approach to all aspects that ensure you improve your health, succeed in life and improve your overall well-being. You can rest assured we have a solution for you no matter what your needs.

  • Tailored To Your Individual Needs

  • Friendly Fitness Professionals

  • Full Lifestyle Assessments

  • Holistic Approach

  • Be Motivated & Get Results

  • Get Fitter

  • Lose Body Fat

  • Build Muscle

  • Lose Weight

  • Improve Health & Wellbeing

Frequently Asked Questions

Prices are available upon request. All PT packages are tailored to your individual needs and include training diary, customised plan, personalised diet plan, ongoing appraisals & dedicated coaching and support throughout the week. Contact Conan today to if you would like more information about our personal training packages.

Optional Extras & Addons To Support Your Personal Training

Conan has a range of additional services to support your personal training, including a number of group fitness classes to help supplement your training and a gym you can come and use on a casual basis outside of your PT times.

I’m Ready…Book Me In With A Trainer!

The Conan Fitness Personal Training Studio / Gym is located at Unit 1/11 Foundry Street, Maylands Perth.

We are not like other gyms or health clubs in that our focus is on holistic and functional fitness. Our private facility is setup as more of a functional warehouse gym.

Conan has a fully equipped weight training area and a dedicated functional group training area for all of our unique group training classes – Boxing For Fitness, Cardio HIIT, Bodyworks, Steelworks, Bootcamp, Circuit Classes, Bike Box & Burn, Build & Rip and Stretch & Flex sessions.

Personal Training is the most effective means of ensuring the greatest possibility of success.

Whether your aim is to:

  • Decrease Body Fat

  • Build Muscle

  • Improve Self-Confidence

  • Improve Your Quality of Life

  • Become Conditioned For a Specific Event or

  • Take your entire fitness levels and physical capabilities to a whole new level.

“Nothing will beat having a Conan Personal Trainer and mentor sitting in your corner every step of the way.”

Here Are 3 Reasons Why Our Programs Are So Effective

Your personal fitness trainer will sit down with you and discuss all aspects of your lifestyle and formulate a plan & program that is sustainable. You will establish a realistic and effective fitness goal which you and your trainer can track. As you progress your trainer will modify and tweak things to ensure continual progression is made.

If you are easily discouraged from reaching your fitness goal, our programs & trainers will keep you motivated until you reach your success. Whilst a large portion of success is determined by yourself, it’s important you find a personal trainer that will help teach you techniques and strategies to keep you on track. Your trainer will continually monitor your progress and give you the direction and advice needed to ensure your goals are reached.

A lot goes into putting together an effective training plan, especially one that lasts 12 – 24 weeks. Generally depending upon your level and experience we would break your program into phases.

Most people starting out will start within an easy/adjustment phase. Typically during this phase, it’s about getting your body used to weight training and there is a major focus on technique. This is to minimize the risk of injury and developing bad habits.

Once a client has transitioned through the start-up phase our trainers will start to ramp up your training with higher intensity workouts. Depending upon your skill level, technique and competence you will start to play around with increased weight or reps to add more load into your workouts.

After an extended period of time and with a volume of training behind you, your trainer will transition your workouts into the final phase where they will challenge you with various high-intensity workouts. As mentioned above all our programs are customised to you and will be tailored as you progress to ensure you get optimal results for you.

We apply a holistic and comprehensive lifestyle approach to all our personal training programs and we guarantee the best solution for your success.

Our Personal Trainers

At Conan, we strive for peak performance in everything we do and that is why we have a strong track record when it comes to our clients. If you have been looking for a personal trainer, the greatest benefit of our one on one training is the intimate attention that is paid to all facets of your journey, including your program, diet, motivation, emotional fitness, and overall lifestyle habits.

This approach is more effective at optimising each area of concern by making your training safer, more enjoyable, more streamlined and adapted perfectly to your specific level. Because of the one-on-one nature, we can pinpoint any personal obstacles before they can dampen your progress.

One on One Personal Training

We believe every person should have a personal coach for every major area of their life.

Are You Ready To Make The Change?

If you’re someone who’s really committed to making that change, to significantly improving your life, your body, your physiology and fitness overall, without that fad mentality of chasing one quick-fix notion after another, don’t wait, stop putting it off, do something now.

Listen to that voice in your head that says: “Go for it, do it, make the jump.”Give us a Call or Send Us An Email, do something towards the attainment of that goal that you’ve got in mind. Do it for yourself, and do it for the warrior within you.

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