The Conan Fitness training diary is a great tool to increase accountability, consistency, measurability and give you a bit of guidance on how to tackle each week from a training and nutritional standpoint.

As part of the coaching that Conan Fitness trainer’s use with the dairy is a 100 point scoring system that helps you get an idea what area to put your focus on or what needs to be brought up to par. This is from the standpoint of overall health, wellbeing, performance and physique.

As your Peak Performance Tip for this week use the 100 point scoring system to put your regime focus into perspective.  The 100 points are allocated as follows:

Boxing Training Fitness Classes25 Points – Training: Give yourself a score of 25 if you successfully achieved your training goals for the week.  You intended to attend five training sessions and did all five, or you aimed to run ‘X’ number of kms or lift ‘X’ weights and you did.  If you fell short in some aspect, aimed for seven and did five due to time, work, slackness, whatever, then give yourself a score out of 25 that is what you believe to be proportionate to the actual/aimed achievement, in both number/frequency of training as well as effort.

30 Points – Diet:  You need to have an idea of what dietary requirements you should be aiming for daily.  If you don’t, you won’t be able to score this area, so talk to your trainer, dietician, etc first.  When you know (at least roughly) what macronutrients (Carbohydrate, Protein and Fat) quantities and timing to be getting into you, as well as micronutrients from Vitamins, Minerals, Phytonutrients, antioxidants etc, then score yourself out of 30 based on how closely you believe you were to this goal.  Again, make it proportionate, so if absolute perfection is 30/30 what would you say your score is based on how closely you stuck to your plan.  Was it half way there (15/30), 80% there (24/30) or completely off track (like 1/30).

10 Points – Attitude:  Mindset is a must in this game, and keeping on the ball with your attitude, focus, positive expectancy (expecting good results), having advantageous beliefs, looking forward to the challenges at hand and maintaining a positive/winners state of mind is paramount to success.  Score yourself based on the table below.

10 Points – Sleep:  Many of our articles have detailed just how important sleep is to your goals and results. Whether you want muscle gain, fat loss, better performance or just better energy, sleep heavily impacts all of these.  Score yourself based on the table below.

10 Points – Eustress:  There are good and bad types of stress.  Distress is the negative type that puts the body into a ‘fight or flight’ state which is not conducive to long term results when it lasts for chronic periods. Eu stands for good, like Euphoria, and Eutopia. Eustress is the positive type of stress that gives us the stimulus to achieve, to feel a sense of anticipation or desire, a source of tension towards what we want.

“What man actually needs is not a tensionless state but rather the striving and struggling for some goal worthy of him. What he needs is not the discharge of tension at any cost, but the call of a potential meaning waiting to be fulfilled by him.”  ? Viktor E. Frankl

We want a good dose of Eustress, and a minimal dose of Distress.  Score yourself based on the table below.

10 Points – Stretching: Spending time loosening out a tight body aids recovery, promotes better quality of movement and less wear and tear on the body.  Time spent stretching on your own or doing different types of yoga or stretch classes are all very beneficial.  Score yourself based on the table below.

Attitude Sleep Eustress Stretching
0 points I’m always negative towards my goals and dislike this journey No sleep I’m going to have a nervous breakdown I can’t see my toes
2 points Most of the time I have a negative attitude towards a healthy lifestyle, I just want the results. Unable to sleep / constant waking I don’t think I can keep this up, the stress and pressure is just getting too much! I can’t touch my toes
4 points I don’t really like the training and diet stuff, I do want the results but I do it because I have to. 2-4 hours broken sleep(sleep broken 2 or more times) I’m always in a state of worry, anxiety or stress. I rarely get time to relax these days I’m really bad at stretching because I find it really boring or I just forget to do it
6 points I usually do like the healthy lifestyle and I do enjoy looking and feeling good, sometimes I just find it a little hard to get motivated though. 4-6 hours quality sleep (not woken more than once)or

6-7 hours waking  3 times or more

I get times when I’m stressed out but I also have good days when things go well and I feel positive about the future I regularly attend stretch classes, yoga sessions or spend time stretching on my own
8 points I’m always positive about my healthy lifestyle and  I look forward to getting better and better results. 7-8 hours broken sleep(sleep broken 2 or more times) I’m a generally positive and happy person that is easy going and slow to temper, especially when things are going well. I stretch at least every day and always after every training session
10 points I love life, and I love living healthy and lean 7-8 hours quality sleep (unbroken) My circumstances are irrelevant to my state, I always feel a positive sense of motivation and desire and I rarely, if ever, feel overworked about anything despite whether things are good or bad. I put ballerinas to shame


For the mathematicians out there that might have noticed it is impossible to score 100/100 with this scale that omits five points for unaccountable factors that will inevitably come up. The aim isn’t perfection; it is about consistency in achieving as high a score as possible. You can make up the final 5% in your own unique way, anything that is conducive to health. This doesn’t mean that because training is awarded 25 points for full criteria achievement that it is more beneficial to health than Eustress, for instance, or sleep or whatever your 5% comes from, it just relates to most cases requiring the focus to be weighted in these areas – most cases!


Happy scoring!