The voice in your head!
It’s always there. Barring those brief moments you manage to quiet your mind, if you are able to achieve such a feat, the voice is always there ready to motivate you to new heights, drag you down to misery, guilt you into anxiety or bathe you in bliss.

Whether this great force empowers you and serves you for positive benefit, or disempowers and deludes you into un-resourcefulness is ultimately up to your control. The greats have harnessed the skill of mental control while the worriers are ruled by their unrestrained voice.

The nail-biters have no worse a situation than those in composed focus. Whatever challenge besets them, calm and poised for confident attack the winners use the voice in their head wisely. To produce a state that is conducive to success. To affirm, encourage, and embolden the self for accomplishment.

The voice can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Discipline is the decider. Harness it!