A great ability for all long term achievers is the ability to manage one’s own energy levels and internal state such that they can be on when the task requires and similarly be able to switch off when the time comes to rest and recover and revitalise. To be constantly high and on the go is great but you’ll eventually burn out, and to continually be in rest mode won’t accomplish much if high energy is required.

Many people are almost proud of being so full on that they can’t turn off. Their mind is racing while lying in bed trying to sleep. Annoying isn’t it? Trying to sleep as opposed to allowing our restful state to slip into sleep. Or having the opportunity to relax and rest for 20 mins during the day but you can’t because you are ‘too wired’. If its drugs that got you wired up, like the football players on No Doz tablets, then you’ll need drugs to turn off.

Endeavour to harness the ability to turn on and fire up when needed, and control your body and mind to slow down and settle when it’s time to recover. How? What you focus on (thoughts), what you do (body), and how regularly you practice this (habit) will all define how well you harness this peak performance gift.