Some like to run just for the sake of running, or lift for the sake of lifting, or whatever it is that you do for exercise for the shear enjoyment that this activity brings you; and that’s great. If you want to get more out you your training in the way of results, or progress and performance then a bit more planning and forethought is required. Train specific to your goals, whether it be for strength and power, or skill, or endurance or body composition. Tackling a bit of everything all together is not very effective (albeit quite fun for variety purposes at times). The more productive way is to break your training plan into purposeful sessions that have a clear aim (e.g. strength or fat loss) and are structured to work on each component to maximum effect.  An example would be to train all of your skill components before hitting your hypertrophy exercises in a session. Or try working on strength before hitting a high intensity section for fitness or fat loss.  If you want more information about the suggested training hierarchy’s from Conan Fitness it is well documented in this article – The Hierarchy of Training modalities