Some people say to focus only on the goal in mind, some say to live only in the moment, while others say constantly look at past performance, current performance and forecast future performance based on trends.  The preference for most high achievers is to have a specific goal, work out the most likely plan and work towards it while regularly stopping to check you are on track.

Look at the summit to see where you’re going, climb a little higher, look at the summit, climb a little higher, and keep adjusting your course to stay on track but never stop the process of climbing. This means to set a goal – you need to know exactly what the ‘summit’ is.  Work out a plan – to the best of your ability, with the help of mentors and those that have gone before you, work out a plan that is the most probable road to success.

Then climb like hell.  This is the process. Live in the moment of the process and enjoy the journey.

If you don’t have a goal and you don’t have a plan and you don’t regularly check where you are in relation to that goal – well, you’re in for a tough journey!