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If your looking for a diet plan that will help with a certain health and fitness goal, then speak to one of our trainers today. We will sit down with you and work through a tailored and sustainable approach that will help you achieve what it is you are searching for.

Your Diet Plan Is More Effective Than Training
This is a bold statement but its true. We always tell people that your diet and eating habits will dictate the results you get within the gym. You have all heard the saying “You Are What You Eat”, well you are most likely the way you are today because of the food & drinks you have put in your mouth to this date. A proper nutritional plan is the key to achieving lifelong success when it comes to your fitness. Here are some ways to make your diet plan more effective starting today.

Start slowly
You don’t have to change your eating habit overnight. Drastic changes usually ends up in cheating. You can even give up your diet plan. As much as possible, take small changes in your eating habit. Simple changes like adding a slice of fruit or switching canola oil to olive oil are great small yet effective steps. When you are used to the changes, add more healthy options to your eating lifestyle. In terms of diet, you need to reevaluate your food intake. If you are eating too much fast food and other junk food, switching them for a healthier option like vegetables and fruits is a great way to start your diet plan.

Keep Hydrated 
One of the best things you can do right now is switch to water only and increase your intake to at least 2L per day. Water keeps you full and hydrated whilst at the same time flushing out toxins from the body. Because our body’s are primarily made up of over 60% of water it helps to keep our body fluids balanced which in turn helps our bodily processes work normally and more efficiently. Skipping carbonated and sugary drinks and juices and replacing them with water and herbal teas are great for your diet plan.

Calories In vs Calories Out
When you implement a diet plan if you pretty much follow the formula of Calories In vs Calories Out, you can’t really go wrong. If your consuming less calories (healthy nutritional foods) and burning more calories through exercise and other incedental activities then you are going to lose weight or body fat. On the other hand if you want to put on weight simply consume more calories than you burn. Its that simple.

Look for substitutes
When on a healthy eating plan, you don’t have to necessary quit your favourite foods. We like to in-still in our clients that its ok to indulge in your favourite foods but only in moderation. All you need to do is a find a healthier way to keep enjoying your favourite foods. When you are deprived, all your efforts will crumble eventually so the trick is to eat in a way that is healthy and sustainable. You will most likely cheat and abandon your diet otherwise.

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