Group Training Membership Change and Price Change

We are currently re-structuring our memberships to offer our clients better value for money and more training options. Our current Platinum Membership will now be called a Group Training Membership and we have added Casual Memberships and the all new Platinum Membership. See below for details.

New Pricing For Group Training Membership (*old platinum membership)
As mentioned above the current platinum membership will now be called the Group Training (GT) Membership but will still be the same in that it will still allow clients unlimited Group Training sessions per month.

The price for the Group Training Membership will still be $80.00 per month for existing members and any new members who sign up before 1st July 2014 and will remain so for the duration of your membership.

After 1st July the Group Training membership will become $99/month for any new members. So, if you have friends or family interested in joining – get them in before the end of the month to lock in the lower rate.

New Casual Gym Memberships Now Available
We are also now offering casual gym use with the new Casual Gym membership to allow clients to come and train during our set open hours (as outlined below).

Rates for the Casual Gym Membership are below:

  • Single visits – $6/visit
  • Membership – $15/week unlimited (fortnightly direct debit)
  • 1 month unlimited – $65
  • Platinum membership – includes both unlimited GROUP training AND unlimited CASUAL Use. 

So now there’s no excuse not to train every day.  

Opening Hours: To cater for our Casual Gym Members and our new Platinum Members our opening hours are as follows:

Casual Gym Hours

All New Platinum Membership
Our new Platinum Membership will include unlimited Group Training (GT) plus Casual Gym use, in which clients will have the opportunity to come and train in their own time and to supplement all their hard work at GT with a program of weight training that one of our trainers will set for them. A trainer will be on hand at all times to help with any questions, technique and spotting that you may need.

Platinum Membership (GT+ Casual Gym use) will be $99.00 per month until July 1st and includes unlimited GT and Casual Gym use during our set opening hours.

Bootcamp – Tues & Thurs Morning Sessions

Unfortunately due to a number of reasons the Tuesday & Thursday 6am Bootcamp sessions at Kings Park are unfortunately going to finish up on the 10th of July. To keep up your training come and join the Cardio HIIT sessions that are at the same time or make use of the casual gym use with a program from one of our trainers.

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About the Author:

Luke Dimasi is an experienced Personal Trainer / Fitness Trainer and has been working and studying in the industry for over 9 years. During the completion of a bachelor’s degree at the University of W.A. he personally trained many clients of various walks of life from the mainstream weight loss populace to sports specific and wheel-chair bound clientele. Luke also spent 4 years in management including a State Personal Training Managing role in one of WA’s largest health chains. He has a Master Practitioners qualification in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Neuro Semantics and works one on one with clients aiming to improve their current conditions on anything from un-resourceful beliefs and emotions to setting positive frames of mind on various aspects of life.