They say ‘consistency is better than brilliance’.

Imagine rowing a boat upstream at the same rate as the stream flows down river. You would maintain your position relative to land but not progress nor retreat at all. This would be the perfect analogy for ‘maintenance’.

staying on trackIn order to progress or improve though you would need to row at least slightly faster or more effectively/productively against the tide which is analogous to all the many factors in our modern day that inevitably make our health and fitness progression that little bit tougher. And it would have to be consistently enough to outweigh any ‘down-times’ that has you losing the battle against the tide. This is the only way to actually move up or progress.

The point here is that consistency is important. Enough regularity and frequency is also important because to ebb and flow will be like paddling up river and then floating back down again. And it takes a certain amount of discipline to adhere to this consistency.

This discipline is a key focus of our group training sessions this January. Our other focus is on technique, which also takes a degree of discipline to optimise because it is harder and requires more control than allowing sloppy movement to occur or short cutting range of motion.