sculpt your bodyWhatever level of performance you currently work at, whatever body or level of health you currently have and whatever state of success you live in, your personal endeavors need not be your ordained fate if you secretly desire more. You don’t have to believe the seemingly impossible-ness of never reaching further. You don’t have to listen to others. You don’t have to wait until you are perfectly ‘there’ before acting like you are ‘there,’ because it won’t happen that way.  Act now to define your own image of yourself, re-create your body, mind and character, so every day you walk and talk the person you have first created in mind and now embody, so day by day you get one step closer to being the personification of that vision as you chisel away the crap that is merely hindering full fruition of the masterpiece.


Chip away the waste that is around the masterpiece within – The warrior within!