Expectations rule outcome. Our internal standards are the bar to which our ceiling of success is limited. We cannot exceed our own pre-set standards and limitations of what we consider good, bad, or average.  What one person sees as pretty average, another sees as being highly successful and feels pride in its accomplishment and what one person thinks is absurdly impossible another sees as mediocre. There is no right or wrong, there is only a difference in standards that is relevant to each person.

They key to not only greater success but also greater fulfilment is to find, model and emulate those who’s standards are much higher, so your beliefs on what was possible now become not only possible but becomes the expected.   As well raising the bar of expectations, changing your beliefs will bring enjoyment of the challenge of the continual growth which is much more fulfilling than defining one’s self by end goal.

So find who is playing the game at a much higher level than you.  Where the culture of expected standards naturally leagues beyond what you are accustomed to.  Get involved with this mindset and progressively stretch yourself into accepting it mentally.  This change in mindset is the greatest factor in reaching new heights of performance, achievement and success.

Raise the bar, and expect nothing less!

Good luck