Conan Fitness is a personal training Perth specialist in elite training and peak performance. We believe that within each individual is a warrior with epic potential that often remains untapped. Our holistic approach to all aspects of fitness ensures a wide range of products to suit everyone. We offer a high level of service to those that have a desire to improve their health, succeed in life and improve their overall wellbeing.

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Many people go through their entire lives only entertaining that weaker part of themselves and the only times that warrior rises in in those rare moments that call for life-saving measures or adrenalin pumped action.

We believe that everyone has the ability to tap that potential, on a daily basis if they just had the desire, attitude and persistence to work towards it. We know that can be the harder road and the longer road, but it is the path that not only redefines your body and fitness, it shapes your character and builds self-respect, far more important for achievement and overall happiness.

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Our Guarantee

If you don't see vast improvements in your fitness, energy & body shape within the first 2 months with our training & programs, we'll happily refund your money and we'll even pay for you to go and train with someone else - that's how confident we are!