focus on skillSkill is a huge part of fitness. A lot of people literally avoid certainly activities or movements that they’re not skilful at, putting it down to coordination or balance.  They opt instead for a movement that they can do, rather than get caught up in the uncoordinated movement of an unfamiliar exercise. The reality is that if the exercise is any basic skill, it should be practiced and mastered, as skill, balance and coordination are a big part of fitness. How many extremely coordinated and skilful people are unfit and over weight? How many unfit overweight people are amazingly skilful with great balance? Skill = fitness.

A higher level of efficiency, or skill, in an activity means you can do more of that activity (e.g. running) with less effort or energy wasted.  An uncoordinated person expends huge amounts of energy jogging compared to an avid proficient runner who’s jogging at the same pace. If you’re able to do more, then generally you will and you end up putting in more time/distance/volume in running. It’s the same with resistance or sport specific movements or even general daily activity.

Skill = fitness and quality of life.  Focus on the skill of movement.