Beginning a new year is such a positive time. Whether we break out a brand-new calendar or scroll over to the month of January on our phones, there’s the sense of being given a fresh start every January 1st. We set New Year’s resolutions, either mentally or on paper that we’re determined to accomplish. Yet, all too often, we stumble over the first steps of change and quietly retreat to old, unhealthy habits. Here are some goal setting tips to help you make this year different and lock in those little changes that make a big difference to your health.

1. Write Goals Down And Read Them Everyday

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Resolutions that aren’t written down are destined to fail quickly. So write them down, on paper, in your handwriting, and not just anywhere. Keep your list of New Year’s goals in a place where you will see them every day, so you can review your progress and adjust your process towards reaching those goals if necessary


  • Tape your goals to your bathroom mirror where you’ll see them first and last thing every day.
  • For goals that require some accountability for success, put them on the fridge. Just make sure they’re ones you don’t mind everyone asking about because ask they will.
  • Take a photo of your goals and set them as your computer home screen or as your phone wallpaper.

2. Create Goals For Different Areas Of Your Life

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While either your health or your finances may be your top priority, don’t neglect those other areas of life. If you set one or two goals in each different area of your life, you’re bound to see a ripple effect in every area.


  • Relationship goals
  • Work goals
  • Spiritual goals
  • Health and Fitness goals
  • Finance goals

3. Set Goals That Are Realistic And Attainable

Fitness Goal Setting

While it would be great to lose 30 kilos, get out of debt, and get a new job that doubles your income in the coming New Year, you do want to make sure that any resolutions you set are ones you can achieve in twelve months. So, set those huge goals; but break them down into manageable steps, that are easy to achieve and by the end of the year you will have accomplished big things.


  • I will replace my dessert of a bowl of ice cream with fresh fruit
  • I will pay $25 a week towards my smallest debt.
  • I will revise my resume and then begin to look online for available jobs in my skill set.

4. Make Goals That Are Measurable And Specific

14 Week Transformation Challenge - Matt Evans

You need to be able to see consistently that you’re on the right track. The best way to do that is to set goals that can be measured using the same criteria over short periods of time.


  • I’ll sit at the table with my children for breakfast at least five mornings a week. Instead of, I’ll make more time for my family.
  • I’ll invite one friend out for coffee every other Wednesday evening. Instead of, I’ll be better at keeping in touch with friends.
  • I’ll increase my deadlift weight by 2.5 kilos every workout. Instead of, I’ll deadlift 80 kilos.

5. Design Goals That Can Be Accomplished With A Partner

Setting Personal Fitness Goals

 Keeping your resolutions is hard work and no one tends to notice if you give up on them! You can change that by teaming up with a friend or partner to accomplish a goal together. You’re bound to have more fun when you’re working together, and you won’t be so tempted to give up if someone else is counting on you.


“Nothing will beat having a personal trainer and mentor sitting in your corner every step of the way.”

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