Many people list exercise as one of their personal goals or New Year resolutions with good intentions but in many cases this does not end up happening.  At the end of the day it comes down to the priority that one sets toward their fitness goals and the belief that their actions will pay off in health or physique benefits.

Nothing is more DE-motivating than the futility of seemingly trying hard to no avail. With the belief that “I’ve tried before and it never works”, it’s unlikely that one will give anything a fair go for any sustained period of time.  So my tips on building confidence and belief and setting small steps toward your goal that are less daunting (than what might seem impossible to some) are:

Training Partner1. Train with a friend.  Working or rather working out with a friend gives a sense of responsibility of actually showing up for training.  It’s also a good motivator as it brings out the competitive streak in us! And people feel more relaxed being with someone they are comfortable with!!

2. Consistency is better than brilliance, so if someone doesn’t have the determination or motivation to get out and push themselves, then aiming for frequent, more regular, smaller, easier exercise sessions is usually simpler for people to get into than psyching up for a big daunting task of something they don’t look forward to.

3. Variety. Some people like routine and the same rhythm but others get bored and prefer variety to keep them stimulated.   If this is so, then throw lots of variety into your training with lots of new small goals to training

4. Groups.  Like training with a friend, training in groups has a great social aspect to it that many people find is the main reason they want to show up and eases the fear factor knowing they’re with other people in the same boat as themselves.

5. Register into community events with friends.  Much like setting a goal, aim for a community fitness event or sporting competition you are interested in and register into it. By registering, you have committed yourself and set a goal that you have more reason to follow through with.

6. Fun!! More than anything, simply try to find a physical activity that you’ll enjoy doing! In turn, that physical activity brings with it confidence building, physique improvements and euphoric endorphins.   It’s easy doing something you like!

Seasonal Workoutsseasonal workouts

Should people change their workouts with the seasons?

My recommendations are to do whatever you are more likely to stick with. If that means changing from being indoors in the winter to getting outdoors in the summer for variety then do just that, or vice versa if the wet season is likely to dampen your outdoor training.

Although, most fitness enthusiasts you will find exercise because they love it. Not because they need a new flavour each month to keep them interested. Nothing will stop them from their training routine, rain hail or shine. So if you can get to that level of dedication you’ll surely benefit in physique, fitness, health and confidence.